Universal Servicebook is available again as of September 2013, now in ebook format only, visit Google books link below
Since first publication there have been some minor changes and the introduction of the Lucatron system (boards used on most recent far eastern equipment).
Universal Servicebook is no longer available in paper format.

The Universal Servicebook (136 pages) assumes that the user has a reasonable knowledge of electronics and is familiar with the principles used in EAS systems. However because of it's simple, logical layout people with limited electronic skills still find it useful. The installation information section to complement the Servicebook is being developed and is available from the website.
Its primary function is to provide quality information based on the experience of our own engineering staff, that have over 20 years experience in installing, servicing, fault-finding and training engineers for major EAS companies.
The Universal Servicebook contains information on a variety of popular tagging systems. Information has been compiled using data from our own engineering staff (some of which have had 20 years experience in the E.A.S. industry) and analysis in our own workshop.
The aim of the manual is to cover many equipment types, therefore the information is of a concise nature, the manual assumes the user has a reasonable knowledge of electronics and has had a previous introduction to tagging systems. Each piece of equipment is presented in steps, consistent with those followed during an installation or major service.
Please note, the Rexel Bindy shown in the picture is no longer manufactured, future purchases must be online ebooks.


The Servicebook no longer comes with a companion CD or technical support containing a Powerpoint presentation.
This is an introduction to the Universal Servicebook and some of the basic aspects of tagging systems.

No further new supplements are released for this product.

The New Universal Servicebook package was at launch £275.00 UK and could only be obtained by visiting the online payment section, now available from the Google Book store at a much reduced price.

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Getting Started
Checkpoint Quicksilver (inc. 45, 55) 
Checkpoint QS 2000 
Checkpoint Consolidated (all models) 
Checkpoint Strata LX (Galaxy Board) 
Checkpoint QX 2000 
Actron Orion Mk3 
Actron Orion Mk4 
I.D. Challenger (URB-100) 
Crosspoint XR-22G 
Crosspoint XR-23G 
Telsec F,G + info on all models * 
Dialoc *
Sidep 4000 
Knogo System 80 series (104) 
Nedap EQ45OID

Securitag Loop 
Securitag Post 
Sensormatic Ultramax 1.6+ ** 
WG Multiguard
WG Monoguard

Magnetic General procedures
Knogo Magnetic MK8
Knogo Magnetic EM85
Knogo Magnetic MM2000
Knogo Magnetic MM3000
Knogo Magnetic MM5000

The Transceivers 
2M/QS1500, QS1600 
Knogo Pulsar 
Knogo Doorman 
Keytec Vector 
Solosystem II

Counterpoint deactivator Mk4 
Counterpoint deactivator Mk5 
Counterpoint deactivator Mk6 
Counterpoint deactivator Mk7 
Counterpoint deactivator Mk9 
Crosspoint deactivator 
Scanner deactivation 

Problem Solving 

** Ultrapost, Megamax M2K equipment and other Sensormatic products requiring propriety software for service, are not included in this manual.

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