All orders are to be confirmed in writing, email or via fax (00 44 161 287 2413 outside UK, 0161 287 2413 inside UK) and must clearly state the address for correspondence, the address for delivery/installation/service and the name of the person ordering.
All prices quoted are F.O.B. at this business (U.K.). Equipment will be shipped according to the clients instructions when funds via. cheque in pounds sterling has cleared at our U.K. bank. Unless agreement has been reached, prior to delivery/installation/service.
Account customers must clear the account by the end of the calendar month the invoice is presented. All goods remain the property of Maxtec, until such times as payment has been made.

Installation Service Conditions

PRIMARY INSTALLATION AREA.. This is defined as the area of the country where installation work will be performed at the specified rate. This area is approximately from, In the NORTH; Carlisle across to Middlesborough/Stockton (not including Newcastle and surrounding area). To the SOUTH; The Northern suburbs of (but not including) Birmingham (i.e. Wolverhampton, Walsall, etc. and across to Leicester (not including East Anglia and the far coast i.e. area around the Wash). To the WEST; we will cover the whole of the N.Wales Coast approximately as far as, and including Anglesey. And most primary N.Welsh towns.

OUTSIDE PRIMARY AREA. Any installation outside the Primary Area that is deemed practical to be installed within one day will be charged at the agreed rate, plus all expenses incurred or by individual arrangement, if agreed before installation.

OTHER INSTALLATIONS. Installations that do not fit into the above categories, or large multiple installations, non-standard installations or installations involving several days or accommodation overnight by individual arrangement only.

All installations charges will be based on an agreed, fixed price. Unless variance has been agreed by both parties. Please fax or email your requirements (drawing if possible) and we will supply a quotation, subject to notes above and below.

Fixings and cable (except non standard, EM and other specialist system installations and 240v cables) are included in quoted prices.

Cable provision:
All standard system cables will be either enclosed in floor capping, mini-trunking or incorporated into the floor, via. a diamond saw, where this procedure is appropriate and permitted by the client.

Not Included in the above rates:
Provision of conduit, cutting of floor to provide conduit, provision of a 240v supply

Please note:
Theall the above conditions are subject to the following requirement:
1) Reasonable access to all sites on the day required
2) 240v unswitched spur to be provided at the site of the antennas/equipment box/psu
3) Provision for cables to be provided between the antennas *(i.e. conduit between the antennas. Also provision for cable between one of the antennas and the equipment box site [20mm conduit is sufficient, plastic is ok] When siting conduit please bear in mind that mounting bolts are necessary for the antennas.

*For systems that are not provided with conduit, we will either fit surface capping or use a diamond saw to fit the cables into the floor, if the floor surface permits. (subject to a maximum diameter, and voltage [no 240v])

It is the client's responsibility to point out any underground cables and pipes that may be a hazard during installation.

Works not able to be started or completed due to non arrival of equipment, failure to notify the client of installation, unable to gain access, or denyal of access by the client or any of his agents to the building. Or failure to inform Maxtec of any facts that effect our ability to carry out the specified works, will be charged at the full rate as stated above.

Works will not commence until an official order is received by email, fax or mail, submitting an order for works indicates that you agree to the above terms.
An official order should be accompanied by detailed survey of the premises indicating the chosen location of all components to be installed.

Any invoice submitted by Maxtec must be cleared at the end of the calendar month submitted.
Non account customers must submit the full quoted amount before works can commence.

All installations are guaranteed against defective workmanship for a period of 6 months.

All used equipment supplied by Maxtec is guaranteed for 6 months, except for used power supplies, which are guaranteed for 3 months.

Service Visit Conditions

Maxtec will provide a fixed price service visit to the clients premises, providing they are contained within the primary service area. The primary service area is defined approximately by locations within 1 hours drive of Manchester. Service visits are normally completed within 2 working days of notification. Pre payment is required from non account customers. Included in the fixed price service visit is: All travel to site, technical diagnosis of the equipment for up to a maximum of 2 hours, repair of the equipment on site where possible (see 2, below) It is the responsibility of the client to inform Maxtec of any site specific requirements, such as; if the premises is a building site, limited hours of opening, local safety requirements.
Reasonable access is required to the site, on the day of service. It is the responsibility of the client to clearly state any times where access will be denied. Failure to do so will result in the visit being charged in full and any subsequent visits being charged in full.
The service visit will be considered complete when:
1) The engineer has reported to the client or their agent that the system has been adjusted and is now working within the manufacturers specified parameters.
2) The engineer has pointed out to the client or their agent that a component or circuit board has failed and requires replacement or repair, that is not possible to carry out on site and requires further site visits or a workshop repair. In such cases the engineer will provide an estimate of the additional cost of such action.
3) The engineer has discovered and reported to the client or their agent that the electronics is functioning correctly, but the system is not working due to circumstances beyond the control of the engineer. i.e. Interference from electronic lighting, interference from adjacent tagging systems, nearby cables, nearby metal, etc. Under these circumstances the engineer will discuss and suggest any possible solutions and if requested, submit a report to the client or their agent by email, fax or in writing, at a later time.


Repairs to cable (not fibre optic cable), repairs/replacement of common connectors (not fibre optic connectors) adjustments to the system, replacement of fuses, replacement of faulty fixings (except *), replacement and alignment of circuit boards provided by the client or given to the engineer at the time of service.
Consumables and connectors (except equipment specific special connectors)


*Replacement of fixings that require structural repair to the building and complete removal of the system.
Replacement circuit boards and sub assemblies, other than those supplied by the client and agreed beforehand.
Replacement antennas, other than those supplied by the client and agreed beforehand.
Repairs to antennas that require removal for workshop repair.
Complete replacement of cables, other than link cables contained within surface capping (not fibre optic).
Service visits required out of normal working hours.


Clients outside the primary service area, but inside the primary installation area (area covered for fixed price installations).
Service visits will be charged at the fixed price service rate, plus a fuel supplement of normally £50.00. Service visits outside this area (i.e. nationwide or elsewhere in Europe) are subject to daily rates, plus travel and subsistence. These rates are subject to negotiation with individual clients, please contact us for details.

Servicebook Conditions of use

Access to the Servicebook, Servicebook Lite or installation help sites (hereafter known as "the site") is granted subject to the following conditions: All information technical or otherwise, diagrams and photographs are the property of Maxtec Technical Services or Phantom Media and may not be copied reproduced in any way (exception*), without prior consent or a site license obtained from Maxtec Technical Services. No internet site may be linked to the site without prior permission from Maxtec Technical Services.

* Registered users may print a specific page from the site, solely for their own use in servicing, providing the resultant output carries a Maxtec Technical Services Logo and is marked such that the relevant copyright information along with the logo is displayed on each output page. Such information output in this way is still bound by the terms and conditions of use as stated above. Action will be taken against any person or persons found in breach of these conditions.

Maxtec Technical Services will not be responsible for damage to equipment being installed, serviced or injury from attempts to service equipment by persons using information listed in the site. It is the responsibility of the person undertaking the servicing to ensure they take every precaution to avoid injury, damage or electrocution.

Access to the site is via a password that will be initially issued by post, further changes in password will occur every month, these will be sent out by post or email to registered users before any changes to access are implemented. All access to the site is monitored, any abuse of the system, illegal entry or flagrant disregard to keeping access to the site and information within it secure, will result in immediate withdrawal of services

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