Library stock protection systems have been in use worldwide for many years. Magnetic systems are the most popular, as they have the only true recyclable label. The more cost effective solution of using an RF system is an option for smaller libraries.
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EM Library systems
Knogo ROCO system
The majority of systems in libraries are magnetic (EM) systems. This is because of the ability to "turn off" the target at the point of issue and "turn on" again at the returns counter. These systems are more expensive than the RF systems (which can also be used in the library environment, see below) this is because there is much more involved in antenna construction, and more sophisticated electronics are needed.
The increasing use of magnetic media in libraries requires special care if they are also to be protected, as the process used to activate and deactivate book stock will irreversibly damage all magnetic media. These products normally use a "collinear strip" which requires much lower magnetic field strength to activate/deactivate, but has a small performance penalty.
Many lenders of media tending  towards the use of "Safers" or similar products, these are strong plastic enclosures that clip around the media product. they contain the system "target" and are removed at the issue counter with a special tool.
Most library layouts benefit from some form of customer flow control. Chrome barriers and gates are ideal for this and for stopping the borrower after the system has alarmed,
Knogo ROCO Magnetic system
Knogo Magnetic system accessories
11Plate desensitiser111targets
Handheld wand resensitiser
1111Plate desensitiser 1111111111111111111Adhesive labels (targets)


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RF Library Systems
RF system
RF system is less expensive to manufacture and their prolific use on the high street means production volume is much higher. One big disadvantage is there is no ability to "turn off" the target at the point of issue and "turn on" again on return. Some systems can generally be run at larger aisle widths, which may give an additional saving.
Labels come two different sizes and are available in plain or dummy bar code, or can be attached to a safer for media protection.
This means that material has to collected from the borrower and "passed around" the system.
There is an alternative method of issuing as follows. The label is attached to a card pocket on the inside cover of the book. At the point of issue a deactivation card is introduced into the pocket, allowing the book to be issued in the conventional way.
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 The RF system is much more suitable for use in a smaller college/school library environment where borrower numbers are lower.
RF system

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